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Video: Moroccan Youths Leave for Spain on Inflatable Boats, Hide in Cave

The video shows several Moroccan youths onboard inflatable boats to reach Spain.

Rabat – A video of several Moroccan teenagers trying to reach Spain on inflatable boats has gone viral.

El Faro de Ceuta posted the video of the youth taking a risk to reach Europe, in search of better opportunities.

“In Morocco, there is no future for the youth, that is why they escape and that is why they risk everything they have to reach Spain,” the news outlet wrote.

In the video, one of the young men said, “we are leaving for Spain. Everyone wants to go to Spain.”

Filming a rocky cave at sea, the Moroccan man said that he and his colleagues will stay in the cave until the night to take the route to Spain.

Both Spain and Morocco are facing irregular migration issues.

In August, Malaga Hoy said that 13, 326  irregular migrants arrived in Spain, “almost 9,000 fewer than in the previous period.”

European Border and Coastguard Agency Frontex said that the “number of detections of illegal border crossings on Europe’s main migratory routes rose 4% from the previous month to around 10 500.”

Frontex said that the Eastern Mediterranean remained the “busiest” route in Europe with nearly 5,800 irregular migration attempts detected in July.

On August 23, Spanish acting government-approved €32 million to back Morocco’s efforts to curb irregular migration. The €32 million is in addition to the €148 million aid approved by the EU.

Morocco has long called for a shared responsibility to ease the flow of irregular migration on both sides.

In an interview with El Diario, Director of migration and border surveillance at Morocco’s Ministry of Interior Khalid Zerouali said in August that “border security is the responsibility of all countries, all countries must contribute to make the fight against cross-border crime an effective fight.”

In August, spokesperson of the Moroccan government Mustapha El Khalfi said that security services aborted 57,000 irregular migration attempts in 2019.