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Algerian Interim President Announces Presidential Election for December 12

Algerian military chief Gaid Salah summoned the Electorate on September 15 to schedule the election for December.

Rabat – Algerian Interim President Abdelkader Bensalah announced that the presidential election will take place on December 12.

Bensalah said  on Sunday, September 15 that “the date of the presidential election will be Thursday, December 12.”

The announcement comes after powerful military chief Gaid Salah emphasized that elections should take place by the end of this year.

In September, Salah announced that it was “appropriate to summon the Electorate on September 15th.”

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“I have spoken about the priority to seriously launch the preparation of the presidential elections within the coming weeks, and today, based on our missions, prerogatives and our compliance with the Constitution and the laws of the Republic as well,” he said.

The announcement comes amid continuous protests in Algiers. On Friday, September 13, protesters rallied after Algerian parliament adopted bills, “paving the way for the announcement of elections,” France 24 wrote.

A  strong contingent of security officers was deployed to the villa of General Salah in the Annaba neighborhood in Algiers when demonstrators attempted to storm the General’s residence.

Demonstrators, who are seeking a radical change, are calling on all elites from Bouteflika’s government to step down. Protesters have also been calling on Salah to resign.