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Morocco’s DGSN Arrested 420,348 People for Drug Trafficking in 2019

More than 330,000 suspects out of a total of 420,348 were arrested in possession of drugs, the DGSN said.

Rabat – Morocco’s General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) has shared its 2019 statistics on the arrests of people for theft, drug trafficking, and fraud.

On Thursday, September 19, the wali (governor) of the judicial police, Mohamed Dkhissi, said that police security services arrested 420,348 people on charges of drug trafficking from January 1 to September 15.

Out of the total number of suspects arrested, 331,252 have been arrested when found in possession of drugs, while 89,096 were arrested after public prosecutors put out arrest warrants.

Dkhissi, who spoke about DGSN’s outcomes in the first nine months of 2019 in a press conference, said that there has been a significant increase of 40% in the number of drug trafficking cases.

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He said that security services have been successful in stopping drug trafficking attempts.

“There was a similar increase in the number of people arrested [for trafficking drugs] by 50 percent, with 94,010 people arrested, including 308 foreigners, while 62,839 people were arrested in the same period last year.”

During the same period, police seized 112 tons and 138 kilograms of cannabis and its derivatives.

He added that police also seized 1,161,000 psychotropic pills.

Security services also seized 44 kilograms of cocaine and 6 kilograms of heroin.

He said that DGSN seized nearly twice as many psychotropic pills as in the same period last year, having seized 554,390 more.

Dkhissi lauded the cooperation of all of Morocco’s security services, including the DGSN and the General Directorate of Territorial Surveillance (DGSN).

Violent crimes

Dkhissi said that violent crimes that threaten safety, including sexual assault and violent theft, represent only 8.9% of all crimes.

He said that police gained more intelligence from crimes committed with violence than last year, gaining intelligence on 72.14% of cases,compared to 70% last year, Dkhissi said, as quoted by Moroccan television channel 2M.

The director added that violent thefts fell by 5.24%, especially armed robberies.

Police managed to dismantle 332 criminal networks that were active across Morocco. Police also arrested 652 people in criminal networks, seizing 102 knives, and 33 vehicles.