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Morocco, Spain Strengthen Cooperation on Legal Migration Project

The legal migration project will allow 100 Moroccan graduates to study their master’s in Spain on topics of priority for the socio-economic development of Morocco.

Rabat – The European Union has funded a legal migration project called “Young Generation as Change Agents for Moroccan graduates to study in Spain. The Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education (SEPIE) is coordinating the project.

“The project aims to establish a circular legal migration scheme with Morocco with a mobility phase for young Moroccan graduates who will study a one-year Master’s degree in Spain,” SEPIE said in a statement

The project has three main phases. The first is a “pre-departure” phase when organizers identify key socio-economic sectors and select candidates. Next is a “mobility” phase in Spain, when 100 Moroccan graduates will go to Spain for a one-year master’s degree for an end-of-master’s project, likely to be implemented as an entrepreneurial project in Morocco.

Finally, the students will go through a “reintegration” phase with a prize program to help implement the best final project.

The program will teach students “the implementation of business and entrepreneurship projects at their return to Morocco after getting their master’s.”

The European Commission will pay for 95% of the  €2.5 million project. The funding will mostly pay for the mobility phase in Spain and the entrepreneurial projects during the “reintegration” phase in Morocco.

A ceremony presenting the project took place at the residence of the Spanish ambassador, Ricardo Diez-Hochleitner, in Rabat on September 19.

Speaking at the ceremony, the EU ambassador to Morocco, Claudia Wiedey, described the project as “exemplary,”  underlining the “special” importance of this initiative of the European Commission’s Instrument of Association for Mobility (MPF).

“This project does not consist of a classic scholarship program, it is a very special initiative, first of all, because it reflects a very strong partnership between Spain and Morocco in education and migration,” said the ambassador.

The undersecretary of the Spanish Ministry of Science, Pablo Martin, said he was impressed by the “extraordinary” profiles of the young students that the Ministry of Education selected.

“This project will allow these 100 agents of change, who have an extraordinary curriculum, to be trained in Spain, to return to Morocco to apply the knowledge acquired and thus contribute to the progress of society,” added Martin.