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Marrakech to Host ‘L’Etape Morocco’ Bicycle Race by Tour de France

On October 20, Marrakech will host the first “Etape Morocco” cycling race by the Tour de France.

Rabat – Marrakech will host the first “L’étape Morocco race by the Tour de France on the African continent, on Sunday, October 20.

This first event of L’Etape races illustrates Tour de France organizers’ desire to develop cycling. They describe the race as “an event offering enthusiasts the opportunity to participate in the legend of the Tour de France, a race that, every year, is followed with passion by fans around the world.”

“For the first time, the cycling lovers will set foot, or should we say ‘wheels’, on the African continent,” says the race’s official website.

“Tour de France … is thrilled to take its riders to the beautiful and wild landscapes of Morocco, and to give them the opportunity to appreciate the cultural wealth of the country,” added the organizers.

L’Etape by Tour de France is a series of 15 events in 10 countries. It offers fans the opportunity to participate in the world-renowned Tour de France race.

The race is open to men and women over 18 years old. It will cover four different distances: 155, 122, 80, and 40 kilometers.