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DGST Denies Rumors Sissi’s Mother Was of Moroccan-Jewish Origins

Viral social media posts have claimed the Moroccan Jewish origins of President Sissi’s mother using photos of official Moroccan documents. Morocco’s General Directorate for Territorial Security denies the documents’ validity.

Rabat – The General Directorate for Territorial Security (DGST) categorically denies the validity of two documents, allegedly issued by the directorate, recently circulating on social media.

A statement from the DGST mentioned that “some foreign social network pages have been sharing two blatantly falsified documents.”  

“The pages misleadingly claim that the documents had been issued by the DGST in an alleged case concerning the identity of an Egyptian citizen of Moroccan origin who converted to Judaism,” added the statement.

The DGST denies the authenticity of the documents, both in form and content, stressing their falsification and forgery.

“The Directorate also affirmed that it will conduct the necessary investigation in order to reveal the documents’ source.”

The DGST statement comes as a result of recent posts and videos which went viral on Egyptian social networks, media sites, and talk shows.

The videos show exiled Egyptian contractor Mohamed Ali claiming that the mother of President Sissi, Malika Titani, is a Jewish Moroccan and that the president’s uncles are all leaders in the Israeli military.