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French Police Dismantle Drug Trafficking Network Operating in France, Morocco

French security services arrested four suspects, known to the police, aged between 30 and 50 for involvement in a drug trafficking network.

Rabat – French security services dismantled a drug trafficking network operating in France and Morocco on the night of Tuesday, October 2.

Police seized two vehicles on a highway near Narbonne, in southern France.

Police aught three of the suspects in possession of 528 kilograms of cannabis resin and 90 kilograms of cannabis.

French police also arrested a fourth suspect in Clermont Ferrand who was in possession of a large sum of cash estimated at €200,000.

The police opened an investigation into drug trafficking in the region when they seized 150 kilograms of cannabis resins at an undisclosed, AFP reported on Friday, October 4.

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The French news agency added that drug trafficking operations in the European country generate a sum of 200,000 per week.

The mastermind of the network is reported to be on the run in another foreign country. He is allegedly involved in  “regular smuggling operating of cannabis resin and leaves from Morocco through Spain.”

In May, France announced that Morocco and Spain had helped the French security services to seize 11 tons of cannabis in the region of Besancon.

France, Morocco, and Spain have cooperated on various criminal investigations, but this latest operation is the biggest operation of its kind that involved tight cooperation between the three allies.