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Western Sahara: International Support for Morocco Angers Polisario

For the separatists, some countries support Morocco’s autonomy plan to promote their own economic or political interests.

Rabat – Polisario separatists continue to express frustration at the support Morocco has garnered in recent years from international powers, such as Spain and France.

Pro-Polisario news outlet ESC Sahraui published an opinion piece  under the title “France pushes Sahrawis towards the inevitable, devastating war in North Africa.”

The piece by Salem Mohamed reflects the Polisario Front’s frustration a the position of several countries in favor of Morocco’s sovereignty.

“The authorities of the French state crossed line by using commercial and political blackmail to influence the UN’s decisions regarding the Western Sahara conflict,” the piece reads.

For the author, Sahrawis in the region “run out of patience,” especially due to the lack of a political solution to end the conflict over the region.

“Under these conditions, war is not a threat but an inevitable consequence since all possibilities for a political solution have vanished,” Mohamed said.

The author also accused countries, such as Spain and France of supporting Morocco’s position for the sake of their own interests.

The separatist reporter commented that it is only with a view to their own economic or political interests that countries such as France and Spain express support for Morocco’s Autonomy Plan.

“The large economic investments in Morocco by France, Spain and other Western countries explain the current situation in Western Sahara: ‘A solution that is not the Moroccan autonomy plan for Western Sahara could cause a serious conflict for these states,’” ECS Sahraui reported.

For the Moroccan government, the members and some non-members of the Security Council resolutions, however, the Autonomy Plan serves as a “serious and credible” solution that would help the region regain stability and serve the interest of Sahrawis.

Submitted to the UN in 2007, the Autonomy Plan seeks to grant Sahrawis the right to devolved government and access to all necessary financial and economic support from Morocco.

The publication purports that “western countries”supports Morocco’s due only to self-interest, causing frustration among Polisario supporters. 

ECS Sahraui threatens that “All that means t 100% the beginning of a new war.”

The publication also accused the US of self-interest, naming oil as the western giant’s motivation for supporting the Autonomy Plan.

Some maps showing that the entire north coast of Western Sahara can have significant oil and gas reserves have been made public in British magazines,” Mohamed wrote.

The US angered the Polisario Front recently after an article from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) said that the White House cannot support the creation of a state or “Western Sahara” in southern Morocco.

The WSJ emphasized that the US emphasized its support during private talks with Morocco.