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Moroccans Make Up Nearly 20% of France’s Immigrant Population

There are currently 755,400 Moroccans residing in France, not including those who have obtained French nationality.

Rabat – The Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) published on Monday, October 7, statistics on non-EU immigrants currently residing in France. These statistics exclude immigrants who have obtained French nationality or citizenship.

According to the INSEE statistics, of France’s 67 million inhabitants, 4.1 million are immigrants. 

Maghrebi nationalities make up almost half of this figure with 1.83 million people.  

Algerians constitute France’s largest immigrant community. With 807,500 people, this group is 20% of the total number of non-EU nationals in France. 

Moroccans are the second largest non-EU nationality present in France, with 755,400 people, or 18.4% of the total immigrant population. 

Tunisians add another 275,900 people to the Maghrebi immigrant community. 

France is also home to 622,000 Portuguese nationals, along with 286,400 Italians and 248,000 Spaniards. However, citizens of the EU who live in France are not considered migrants. 

Moroccans in France

The French Ministry of Interior and the Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian confirmed that between 300,000 and 400,000 Moroccans received visas for France in 2018. 

Moroccans are also the largest foreign student community in France. 39,855 Moroccan students were enrolled in French higher education institutions during the 2017/2018 academic year. 

Additionally, Moroccans are the second-largest community of foreign-born doctors practicing in France. 7,000 Moroccans are enrolled in the French order of doctors as of 2018.   

France deported more than 1,000 undocumented Moroccan migrants in 2018, making Moroccans the 4th most commonly deported nationality in France. 

France remains a popular destination for Moroccans who are pursuing economic and educational opportunities, traveling for leisure, or living abroad.