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New Higher Education Minister Says Morocco’s Future Depends on Effective Education System

Only after succeeding its educational reforms, both ministers argued, can the country expect to reach its dreamt development level.

Rabat – In his first public comments after the recent government reshuffle, Morocco’s newly appointed Delegate Minister for Education and Scientific Research, Driss Ouaouicha, said that his department holds the key to driving up Morocco’s performance in many other essential sectors for the country’s dream of effectively implementing its new development model.

Ouaouicha, who was speaking at his installation ceremony in Rabat, on Thursday, September 10, spoke extensively about the “critical importance” of education, especially higher education and specialized professional training.

Honoring the “royal vision” that underpins the recent government reshuffle requires a working formula to make Morocco’s learning institutions competitive and highly performing, he argued.

For Morocco, Ouaouicha said, securing a better future calls for taking education seriously and investing considerably in higher education. “Higher education is the future for Morocco,” he said.

The new minister, whose success in his previous position as the president of the prestigious Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, subtly hinted at the suggestion, prevailing in reactions to the reshuffling, that his documented familiarity with higher education-related challenges is reason enough to expect positive results from his appointment.

“I am not new to this department,” he stressed, chronicling some of his years as lecturer and then dean at a number of Moroccan universities, before being appointed by King Mohammed VI as president of Al Akhawayn University.

Beyond his familiarity with the journey he is about to embark on, Ouaouicha, “grateful and honored by the King’s trust,” also spoke about responsibility and the virtue of “serving my country.” He spoke about “feeling proud” of his appointment. “At the same time,” he added, “I feel immense responsibility.”

In response, Education Minister Said Amzazi, one of the survivors of the reshuffle, congratulated the new delegate minister on his appointment. Amzazi reminded Ouaouicha of the sense of calling and mission that comes with his new position.

As a member of the new El Othmani-led government team, Amzazi stressed, Ouaouicha’s role will consist in duplicating the success of his previous position by putting his expertise and experience at the service of Morocco’s ambition to raise its higher education level and make the country more competitive.

Like Ouaouicha, Amzazi extolled the virtue of education, saying that an A-rate education system should be at the heart of Morocco’s much-reported new development model.

Only after succeeding its educational reforms, both ministers argued, can the country expect to reach its dreamt development level.