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Video: Moroccan Fishermen Rescue Irregular Migrants Near Ceuta

The immigrants were trying to reach Ceuta through a small boat with a few rescue jackets.

Rabat – Spanish news outlet El Faro de Ceuta has published another video documenting the risks taken by some Moroccan irregular migrants attempting to reach Europe.

“Young Moroccans do not fear the sea. They undertake journeys in any way, without considering the risks,” the news outlet reported.

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The video posted by the Spanish news outlet  on October 21 shows a fishing boat unloading young irregular migrants from a small boat this weekend.

This is not the first video to document such an incident. In September, El Faro de Ceuta published a video of several Moroccan teenagers trying to reach Spain on inflatable boats.

In the video, one of the young men said, “we are leaving for Spain. Everyone wants to go to Spain.”

Despite efforts to ease the pressure of irregular migration, the issue of undocumented immigration continues to be a source of concern for both Morocco and Spain.

The Spanish acting government, however, is satisfied with Morocco’s efforts in dismantling irregular migration attempts.

El Pais reported on October 17 that Spain managed to reduce undocumented migration by half.

The Spanish media said  that 24,159 people arrived in Spain this year. The decrease in the number of arrivals  marks the first serious decline in irregular immigration by land and sea since, the Spanish report added.