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Police Incinerate 9.17 Tons of Cannabis Resin in Southern Morocco

Police destroyed 8.86 kilogram of tobacco during the operation.

Rabat – Police in Tan-Tan have incinerated 9.17 tons of cannabis resin seized in the Guelmim-Oued Noun region from July 9 to October 17.

During the same period, security services also destroyed 8.86 kilograms of tobacco and 49.75  kilograms of Kif ( a type of cannabis).

Police also destroyed a gram of cocaine and 374 liters of alcohol.

The operation is part of Morocco’s strategy to crackdown drug trafficking network and the smuggling of illicit products.

Over the course of the year, Morocco’s police, in collaboration with customs, seized significant amounts of cannabis and its derivatives.

Joint operations enabled police and customs to seize 12 tons of cannabis in just two days at the port of Tangier Med Port on October 28 and 29.

In October, Moroccan customs announced that they had seized a total of 8,342 kilograms of cannabis since October 22.

In September, the national police seized 112 tons and 138 kilograms of cannabis from January 1 to September 15.