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Tangier Med Port Has Highest Growth in Connectivity Index Globally

Tangier Med port is one of the leading African ports in the Mediterranean.

Rabat – The port of Tangier Med, in northern Morocco, has recorded the largest growth in the world in the last 10 years in terms of its connectivity globally. Morocco inaugurated the port in 2007.

The connectivity index represents the port’s connectivity with the rest of the world. It is calculated based on the yearly traffic, in merchandise and passengers, that goes through the port.

The UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) published the result in a recent study on maritime transport in 2019.

Morocco spent €3.5 billion to expand the port of Tangier Med in 2007. The port’s total processing capacity has tripled since the expansion, from 3 million shipping containers in 2007 to 9 million.

The report also revealed that Tangier Med Port and Port Said in Egypt are the leading African ports in the Mediterranean region, benefiting from their geographic positions and private investments from global port operators.

Tangier Med Port covers 1,000 hectares. It includes Tangier Med I Port, with a capacity of 3 million containers per year, Tangier Med II port, with a capacity of 6 million containers per year, and a passenger port.

In 2018, Tangier Med Port exported MAD 139 billion worth of products, over 50% of all Moroccan exports. It also handled a traffic of more than 2.8 million passengers.

The Maritime Transport Study is an annual publication by UNCTAD. It provides an analysis of the structural and cyclical changes affecting maritime commerce, ports, and shipping, as well as statistics.