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Prize-Winning Young Moroccans Make Waves Across the Globe

Young Moroccans are representing Morocco at its best on the international stage. Whether in the field of medicine, inventions, or other intellectual talents, Moroccans are making a name for themselves.

Rabat – Over the last few weeks,  young talented Moroccans have risen the Moroccan flag at international events and competitions in a number of fields. Moroccans have won a total of four important awards, three in international events, and one in a regional competition since mid-October.

Sim’Cup 2019

On October 14, a group of Moroccan medicine students won the Sim’Cup 2019, an international competition for response to simulated medical emergencies. The finals of the competition took place in the Czech capital, Prague.

The Moroccan team. Photo credit: Oulmidi Anas/Facebook

Four students from Oujda’s Medicine School made up the Moroccan team. They triumphed in the competition despite the use of English as an official language at the event while they study medicine in French.

The Moroccan students outperformed teams from Brazil, the Czech Republic, France, Ireland, and the UK.

Incredible People

In Russia, Moroccan student Lahcen Oulhaj won the international competition called “Incredible People,” on November 4.

Moroccan student Lahcen Oulhaj.

The Moroccan student mesmerized the jury with his extraordinary talent for memorizing and describing the details of anything he sees.

In the final stage of the competition, Oulhaj managed to identify one small egg from 200 others with the same specifications and shape.

In an earlier phase, Oulhaj stunned the jury when he was able to put 200 pieces of Matryoshkas, Russian dolls, in order after they were randomly mixed by a jury member.

The Fez-native wiped the floor with competitors from all around the world in the skill and talent-based show.

Stars of Science

On November 8, Moroccan doctor Youssef El Azouzi won the Grand Final of Arab Stars of Science Season 11, becoming the Arab world’s top innovator.

Moroccan doctor Youssef El Azouzi.

Stars of Science is a Qatari TV show dedicated to Arab youth worldwide who can develop technology that will have an impact and improve the lives of their communities.

El Azouzi invented a blood flow modulator, a new system to help congestive heart failure patients by ensuring efficient blood flow through the heart.

The jury and audience of the competition gave the 27-year-old Moroccan a score of 93.8 out of 100, making him the winner of a $300,000 cash prize.

“I am stunned. To be given the opportunity to save lives is a blessing from God. Thank you to every single individual that has believed in me through this journey. I can wholeheartedly say this is just the beginning,” said El Azouzi following his win.

El Azouzi graduated from the American School in Rabat, attended Oxford University in the UK and Boston University in the US, before moving to study medicine in Turkey.

BIXPO 2019 Fair

On November 8 as well, three Moroccan inventors earned medals at the BIXPO 2019 fair for energy transition and digital transformation in Gwangju, South Korea. Inventors Younes Karfa Bekali and Abdallah Ayache won “The best invention” award, while Rachid Oulad Madani earned a bronze medal.

The Moroccan inventors in front of their stands at BIXPO 2019.

Bekali and Ayache won the award for inventing a secure and waterproof rotary electrical socket. The invention had different safety features and consumes less energy than all its marketed counterparts.

Oulad Madani invented an educational robot for children with special needs. The Moroccan inventor won a bronze medal despite his invention getting broken during the journey from Morocco to Korea.

Oulad Madani also received a decoration from the president of the National University of Callao in Peru.

Arab Reading Challenge 2019

Finally, on November 13, Moroccan student Fatima Zahra Akhyar was not able to win the 2019 Arab Reading Challenge. However, the student reached the final stage of the competition after an impressive journey.

Moroccan student Fatima Zahra Akhyar.

For being a finalist Akhyar received a full scholarship from the Abu Dhabi University to study in a field of her choice after high school.

The 15-year-old student qualified for the 2019 Arab Reading Challenge after winning the national reading contest.

Akhyar studies at Cadi Ayyad High School in Tetouan, northern Morocco, and dreams of ‌excel‌ling ‌in‌ ‌both‌ ‌scientific‌ ‌and‌ ‌literary‌ ‌fields.‌ She is also a member of Morocco’s child parliament and she practices Taekwondo.

While Morocco gives birth to numerous talents in various scientific and artistic fields, many of them decide to live and work in other countries. Morocco loses young people with great potential every year, especially to European and Gulf countries, for not offering them motivating salaries and good work conditions.

Only time will tell if these recently-decorated Moroccans decide to live in Morocco or leave for greener pastures.