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Video: Midelt Residents Flee as Second Earthquake Shocks Central Morocco

A video shows Midelt's regional governor fleeing a school building when the earthquake hit in Central Morocco.

Rabat – The regional governor of Midelt, in Central Morocco, was visiting a local school when an earthquake disrupted his tour of the classrooms. It was the second quake to hit the region on Sunday, November 17. 

2M, a Moroccan news outlet, was with the governor and Midelt’s regional director of education when tremors from the earthquake forced them to flee the school building. 

A video shows dozens of people running away from the school buildings as the second earthquake hit.

The footage follows police officers accompanying the officials as they hurried from the classroom.

Aftershocks of the 5.3 magnitude earthquake at 9:39 a.m. earthquake likely triggered the second wave of tremors in Midelt, according to Volcano Discovery’s global earthquake monitor.

The second quake at 3:39 p.m. ranked 4.3 in magnitude on the Richter scale.

The two earthquakes hit several other regions across Morocco yesterday, including Fez, Azrou, and Errachidia. 

At the time of writing, no major damages or casualties have been reported.