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Macron’s Former Security Aide: Morocco is ‘Safe and Stable Like Nowhere Else’

Benalla, former bodyguard of French President Emmanuel Macron, settled in Morocco after he left the Elysee following a rough summer last year.

Rabat – Emmanuel Macron‘s former top security aide Alexandre Benalla spoke about Morocco’s security approach during his participation at MEDays symposium in Tangier last week.

Benalla, who settled in Morocco after his Elysee exit, said that Morocco is the safest country in Africa. 

“In a continent that is still unstable, it is safe and stable like nowhere else,” Benalla said on Saturday, November 16 in MEDays.

Benalla made his remarks at a meeting on cybersecurity, robotics and artificial intelligence.

The former top aide emphasized that Morocco’s structure is “designed perfectly to ensure the safety of both tourists and citizens.”

Benalla also spoke about Morocco’s security approach, a strategy based on cooperation with international partners and intelligence services.

He said that Morocco’s intelligence system is “very strong.”

Morocco’s security services have also adapted to developments in the field of intelligence, making it possible for Morocco to detect information and share with its partners to help avoid potential terror attacks.

The former bodyguard added that Morocco is “more than reliable, and more than a strategic partner and I do not think that Western services can do without security collaboration with the US today.”

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Since 2015 Morocco has had a strict approach to security. In the wake of terror attacks in Casablanca and Marrakech, the north African country launched its Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ), one of the much-lauded security services. The BCIJ has since dismantled dozens of terror cells linked to ISIS.

Countries including Spain and the US often express satisfaction with their security collaboration with Morocco.

“With its American partners and other European partners, including France, Belgium and Spain, there are no filters.”

The security aide recalled Morocco’s assistance in helping other countries arrest terror suspects.

In addition to its counterterrorism approach, Morocco is also active in Interpol, regularly participating in the arrest of international wanted criminals.

Benalla chose to settle in Morocco after he left the Elysee.

The French presidency fired the former bodyguard last year for his involvement in violent attacks against protesters in Paris.