The leading global pharmacy management group in Morocco aims to assist Moroccan citizens during the vaccination process.

Moroccan Pharmacists Group Organizes COVID-19 Awareness Campaign

Rabat - To assist and guide Moroccan citizens in all stages of their vaccination, Le Groupement des Pharmaciens la Ruche (la Ruche Pharmacists Group) in collaboration with Bottu Laboratories organized a COVID-19 awareness campaign.

The awareness campaign ran from March 25-31 under the theme: “The role of homeopathy in pre-and post-vaccination care anti-covid 19" in several pharmacies which are part of la Ruche Group, located in Rabat, Casablanca, Kenitra, Fez, Meknes, and Tetouan.

The event aims to assist Moroccan citizens in the vaccination process. Bottu and Boiron laboratories suggest a homeopathic treatment protocol that aims to alleviate the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine. It will prepare the citizen before, during, and after the vaccination.

The la Ruche Pharmacists Group, created in 2018, is a leading global pharmacy management group in Morocco. Bottu is an integrated pharmaceutical laboratory. Its goal is to give access to essential medicines, preventing and treating common illnesses to improve overall health.

To date 4,315​,801 people have received the first dose, while 3,566​​​​,498 have had both doses of the vaccine.

The number of COVID-19 cases reached 4​95​​,421, including 483​,165​ recoveries, and ​​8,813​ deaths.

Morocco uses both Sinopharm and Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines and has recently approved the Sputnik V and Johnson & Johnson vaccines for use.

Morocco’s vaccination campaign started on January 28 with the aim of vaccinating 80% of the population to achieve herd immunity, over the course of three to five months.

The country received applause for its COVID-19 vaccination campaign from international media.

Data shows Morocco as a leading country in the vaccination campaign, alongside Israel and the UK.