Larbi Arbaoui – Correspondent

Dedicated free-lance journalist with three years of experience corresponding, translating and editing. Larbi has been working as a journalist corresponding, reporting and conducting interviews for more than two years for the international electronic magazine Morocco World News. He covered and attended as a speaker in many regional, national and international events on education, environment and economics. Larbi was hosted as a guest to BBC World Service morning show, Newsday, the world’s biggest breakfast radio show.

He earned his B.A. from Ibn Zohr university, Agadir in Morocco and completed successfully two online courses with distinction, namely Introduction to Philosophy and Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade.

He wrote a short play entitled «  Aicha, the Talented Student » performed in Dar Athaqafa, Zagora. Larbi Arbaoui is a correspondent for Morocco World News.

Contact:  (Email:[email protected])

Mr. Youssef Sourgo, Morocco World News contributor in Casablanca
Youssef Sourgo, Morocco World News contributor in Casablanca

Youssef Sourgo is currently a Master’s student in Linguistic and Literary studies at Ain Chok Faculty of Letters and Humanities. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in American cultural studies from Ben M’sik faculty of Letters and Humanities. He is a member of the Ben M’sik Community Museum, and contributed in many cultural, literary, and social initiatives at both national and international levels. He conducted research on Ben M’sik residents’ perceptions of culture and cultural institutions. He participated twice in the International Festival of University Theater and was awarded in his last theatrical collaboration with San Diego University’s theater students, and has now founded his own theatrical mime troupe. He participated in an online exhibition project, entitled “Identities,” in collaboration with Kennesaw State University’s Museum of History and Holocaust Education. His main areas of interest are inter-cultural communication, cultural studies, popular culture, gender, theater, museums, and music. Youssef is also a music composer, writes free verse poetry, short stories and choreographs theatrical performances and dances ([email protected]). He is MWN correspondent in Casablanca.