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Picture of Moroccan Female MP in Parliament Worth a Thousand Words

By Omar Bihmidine

Morocco World News

Sidi Ifni, Morocco, May 2, 2012

It is clearly up to any Moroccan to pass their own judgment of the photo recently taken of a seated female parliament member, taking off her shoes, and stretching her legs horizontally as though there was nothing worth discussing at the parliament.

I have no authority to judge anybody, nor do I pretend to judge the women herself, who might be a honest and hard-working person. What concerns me and propels me to write this opinion piece is her posture in a place where she is supposed to represent Moroccans and fight for their rights.

To catch parliament members indulging in this sort of rest isn’t new to us, for we are already used to catching some of them asleep and others absent from work. The posture of the member in the photo can be open to different interpretations.

At a time when members of parliaments in Belgium, France and other developed countries are caught making angry faces and grimacing at one another over their countries’ social ills, our camera unfortunately catches a woman, whom Moroccans once voted for, taking her rest and showing no anger whatsoever.

Perhaps, for her, it is not worth making a fuss about the concerns and daily burdens of the Moroccans who elected her. If she really cared about the social ills plaguing Morocco, she would at the very least behave herself and sit in a respectable manner. The picture tells us that she has attained the position of parliament member, and as is known about MPs, she is free of whether or not to voice the demands of Moroccans and debate them eloquently.

The picture talks without frills. It clearly says about the woman that she wasn’t listening attentively, that she didn’t feel an impulse to react against one of the current bitter realities brought up in the parliament, that she didn’t think it wise to take a pen or hold her arms as sign of interest, and that very probably she regretted even attending the meeting.

She was wearing composed, drowsy facial expressions. She wasn’t interested in what was being said for the simple reason that if she were, she wouldn’t help feeling enthusiastic, motivated, and concerned. She didn’t appear to assume any responsibility about the reasons why she was there. She must have forgotten that she was elected by Moroccans so as to represent them, not to shrug her shoulders and take a rest.

If we closely analyze the picture that has thousands of words to tell, we might mistake the place, the parliament, for a sitting room or a park where people go to have their leisure time. Morocco is currently going through hard times. Yet, according to the picture, it is self-evident that not all Moroccans experience the same hardships, for the representative elected to raise these everyday sufferings is busy stretching her legs. She might have been thinking about when the meeting will come to an end, where she is going to spend the weekend, where she is going to buy a flat and when she is going home to find her family safe and sound.

She might also have been dreaming, for the latter doesn’t need concentration. The act of dreaming is unconscious. Her drowsy eyes are staring blankly, and her thoughts switch only to her personal worldly concerns. As we all know, responsible men and women can never succumb to laziness if the people they take care of happen to be struggling.

The majority of Moroccans are in a daily struggle with unemployment, financial instability, poverty, corruption, illiteracy, and so on. Notwithstanding, one of the representatives, the woman in the photo, pays no heed to all this, and the woman’s irresponsible posture is a living proof to her apathy.

The photo says that the woman doesn’t fret, doesn’t move, doesn’t utter anything, doesn’t cry, doesn’t care, doesn’t grimace, doesn’t form wrinkles and doesn’t sit in a responsible manner. It goes without saying that she finds it challenging to interest herself in the needs of Moroccans. Her interest is to lounge comfortably and stretch her legs, whereas the interests of Moroccans are to live in dignity and enjoy their basic welfare.

The woman is waiting with bated breath when to call it a day and go back home, for she might have been fed up with hearing the grave social ills that have befallen the majority of Moroccan families. She might have been tired of sitting upright as she is not used to that as the picture clearly shows. She is used to lounging comfortably in a sofa while watching TV in her home or driving a car. The social problems Moroccans incessantly complain about have rendered the parliament member fatigued, not because they mean a lot to her, but because they disgust her. The picture taken of her in that irresponsible posture still has many more words to tell.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Morocco World News’ editorial policy.

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