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Spain Bans Anti-Islam Demonstrations

Rabat – The Spanish government has banned anti-Islam demonstrations.

The autonomous governments of Madrid and Valencia have banned anti-Islam protests in front of two of the largest mosques in the country.

A group using the name of German anti-Islamist group PEGIDA and a small far-right group called Alianza Nacional have been trying to organize a demonstration in front of Madrid’s largest mosque.

But the regional office of the Spanish Interior Ministry their request to organize demonstrations this Friday, saying such a march “could pose a serious risk to public security.”

Pegida, German abbreviation for ‘Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West’ has opened several social platform accounts in Spain.

The Spanish branch of the organization has created a Facebook account and already counts on more than 900 followers on Twitter.

One of the group’s tweets state that “Islam does not have a space in free, democratic societies as the Europeans.”

Pegida’s Spanish branch also uploaded a painting depicting the expulsion of Arabs from Granada (Spain) in 1942, with a comment which read: “We did it 400 years ago, and we will do it again.”

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