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UN Report Praises Morocco’s Reform of Military Justice

Geneva- UN High Commissioner for Human Rights praised Morocco for the reform of military justice, which makes it a regional leader in this field.

According to a report presented to the 28th session of the Human Rights Council, the decision of the kingdom to put an end to the prosecution of civilians before military courts is one of the significant advances in the country.

The bill on military justice adopted by the Moroccan Parliament deeply revises the mandate of the military courts that can no longer try civilians but in the case of war, nor treat general law crimes committed by military or paramilitary personnel, says the report elaborated by Said Benarbia, MENA program director at the International Commission of Jurists.

“Military courts in many countries in the region still have a broad mandate in the prosecution and trial of civilians, but they are also empowered to treat violations of human rights committed by military personnel or similar persons,” the report adds.

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