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Morocco, Safe Country for American Tourists: Report

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New York – A U.S security report issued by the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) this month revealed that Morocco is, in general, a safe country for tourists to visit.

Morocco 2015 Crime and Safety Report stressed that “crime does not pose a significant threat to Americans in Morocco.”

The report revealed that “no area within Morocco is considered off-limits,” advising American tourists to keep “normal precautions,” and move freely in Morocco as they wish.

Morocco’s southern provinces are safe for visitors, yet, an awareness of the political arena should be noted as surveillance is stricter in those areas.

According to the OSAC’s findings, which highlighted overall crime and safety in the North African country in 2015, the majority of crimes have been reported in Marrakech, followed by Casablanca, Tangier, Fez, and Rabat.

As is the case in every major city around the world, crimes are more common in urban areas and around tourist attractions, than in rural areas.

However, the majority of the crimes listed by the report were related to minor theft, including snatching handbags from pedestrians and street pickpockets.

“Firearms are not common,” the report noted, “most armed assailants use edged weapons (knives, razors, daggers)” to commit crimes.

Tourists should exercise caution when using ATMs, although they are “generally safe to use” and fraud is not a concern.

There has not been a terrorist attack on Moroccan soil since 2011, and Moroccan intelligence services successfully monitor the territory.

Although the threat of terrorism is medium, the OCAS said, “Moroccan security services continue to place a large emphasis on finding and arresting potential terrorist cells before they become operational.”

Regarding road safety, traffic accidents are a major threat in Morocco. More than 11 Moroccans are killed in motor vehicle-related accidents per day, the same report revealed.

Religious and ethnic violence against tourists is not common since “the government places strict controls on religious preaching.”

According to the same report, drug-related violence is low due to the government’s strict rules in fighting drug-trafficking.

A recent study conducted by the Reputation Institute in collaboration with the Moroccan Royal Institute for Strategic Studies (IRES), revealed that Morocco is highly regarded among Russians and Americans.

Moreover, according to Travel Risk Map 2016 report, published last week by International SOS and Control Risks, Morocco is a safe tourist destination, ranking in the same category as most European countries and the United States.

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