Casablanca - We may dictate authority, but we cannot impose legitimacy. The latter can only be won by convincing the hearts and minds. While authority is a matter of titles and organizational structures, the art of mobilizing your teams around your goals is a question of legitimacy. It may apply not only to individuals in relation to the positions they occupy, but also to departments with regards to the assignments they manage. In this case, the legitimacy of a department is reflected by the one of each of its leaders as well as how relevant the experience of its teams is, to ensure the credibility of the promised results.

Legitimacy Cannot Be Dictated, It Should Be Harvested
Following 16 years of successful professional experience, Farid Yandouz is currently a Transformation & Management Consultant for several large companies in Africa & the Middle East such as Carrefour Group, Bank of Africa, Vivo Energy (Shell), and Valtech (Valmont Group).