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Morocco Is Not Affected by Volkswagen Scandal: Official

Rabat – Volkswagen announced that its cars sold in Morocco have not been affected by Volkswagen’s emissions fraud, which affected as many as 11 million vehicles worldwide, with more cars being discovered almost every day.

According to Youssef Touhami, director of the Volkswagen brand in the “Centrale Automobile Chérifienne” (CAC), Morocco has not as of yet been affected by the deceitful scheme, adding that “Moroccans who ordered Volkswagen cars have not cancelled their orders.”

“These are the Volkswagen cars with Euro V that are involved in the case. There will be a worldwide recall of these vehicles from January 2016, and although this decision does not concern us, we are awaiting the final notice from the manufacturer,” he said.

“The Volkswagen brand in Morocco has not been affected by this case. We continue marketing our cars and there was no withdrawal until today. This case does not call into question the quality of engines of different vehicles we sell and do not question, either, our models,” he added.

On its official website, the company announced that only “1.2, 1.6, or 2.0 liter diesel Volkswagen and Volkswagen commercial vehicles,” were affected, adding that “cars with EU6 diesel engine, V6 TDI or V8 TDI, or any petrol engine, are not affected.”

After Volkswagen’s emissions fraud was discovered by a group of West Virginia University (WVU) scientists last month, the German car manufacturer has come under fire, angering environmental authorities and car owners alike.

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