El Jadida - Looking out of the window of the coach carrying passengers to Safi, Abdessalam stared wonderingly at the flourishing green vegetation oblivious of the dark dismal future of his sickness. Would he be cured and would he regain his health? Would he return to his duwar and his farm land to help the family in cultivation? He was alienated and confused. They told him that he should trust modern doctors because modern medicine was effective. He should travel to Safi to see a Nazarene expert in the profession. He could not believe his ears: how could those who raped the land, robbed the harvest and dispossessed the farmer help him in his cure? He fought against himself. Yet his sick tired voice controverted his native subaltern strong voice; then he succumbed to the temptation to go to Safi to visit the doctor.

The Moussem of Ben Yeffu