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Donald Trump Receives New Moroccan Ambassador

Donald Trump Receives New Moroccan Ambassador

Rabat – US President Donald Trump received Morocco’s new ambassador to Washington, Chrifa Lalla Joumala, on Monday.

During the reception, Lalla Joumala expressed King Mohamed VI’s deep respect for the United States and President Trump.

She also pointed out to the fact the two countries enjoy a long-standing alliance that goes back to December 20, 1777, when the Kingdom of Morocco became the first nation to officially recognize the independence of the 13 United States fighting for their liberty.

Ambassador Lalla Joumala said that the two nations are united by the oldest Treaty of Friendship in the history of US diplomacy and that they have always joined efforts to defend shared values of freedom, democracy, peace, and tolerance.

These values, added Lalla Joumala, “are the cornerstone of political, security and military cooperation between Rabat and Washington,” who celebrate this year the 240th anniversary of their diplomatic exchanges.

Lalla Joumala reminded the US President of the achievements of the historical partnership between Morocco and the United States, including the designation of Morocco as a major US ally outside NATO, the conclusion of the Free Trade Agreement in 2004,  and the launching of Strategic Dialogues between the two countries in 2012.

“These are only examples of recent mutual achievements, highlighting the nature of our rich and dynamic relationship,” said the Moroccan ambassador.

The growing partnership between Morocco and the United States bears promise of greater cooperation, said Lalla Joumala, adding that two countries share a similar vision regarding regional and international challenges and aspire for future mutual prosperity.

The Moroccan ambassador affirmed that Morocco will support US actions in the Middle East to “bring peace and prosperity in this part of the world.”

“As a nation whose foreign policy has always had as an objective to promote peace and security and preach the values of moderation and preserve religious freedom, the Kingdom of Morocco will continue its efforts to fight against terrorism and extremism and promote tolerance,” said Lalla Joumala.

Lalla Joumala also expressed Morocco’s will to work with the US presidential administration, congress, and other American institutions to strengthen to Moroccan-US political, economic and strategic cooperation.

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