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Authenticity of Zefzafi Arrest Video Renounced by Authorities

Court Sentences Hirak Rif Leader Nasser ZefZafi to 20 Years
REUTERS/Youssef Boudlal

Rabat – The Moroccan authorities have disclaimed the authenticity of supposed video footage of the arrest of Nasser Zefzafi, the leader of the Hirak movement in Al Hoceima, along with some of his supporters, according to sources within the police.

The video, which went viral on social media, showed police officers escorting a number of detainees away from a helicopter. The footage was purported to have shown Nasser Zefzafi being taken to the headquarters of the National Police Division in Casablanca.

The authorities have explained, however, that the video in fact dates back to an old extradition mission, carried out through international cooperation with foreign authorities, in a case involving international drug trafficking.

Zefzafi was arrested on Monday on charges of “obstructing freedom of worship,” after an arrest warrant was issued on Friday following his disruption of a prayer sermon inside the Mohammed V mosque in Al Hoceima.   He has been transferred to Casablanca for further investigation by the Judicial Police.

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