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Saad Lamjarred Is ‘Letting Go,’ His Rape Accusations Not So Much

Saad Lamjarred
Saad Lamjarred

Rabat – After serving time in jail over rape allegations, Saad Lamjarred chose to “Let Go” with his new single. The Moroccan popstar’s popularity has seemed to stay intact, as his song managed to reach more than 15 million views since its release.

It appears the prison sentence was quite the inspiration for the Moroccan singer, who composed and wrote his latest single “Let Go” during his pre-trial detention. According to the song’s distributor and director, Jalal Hamdaoui, in the single Lamjarred is “talking about his ordeal while imprisoned,” while some fans see the lyrics to be targeted directly at his accuser.

In his new single, Lamjarred offers an electro-pop track where he remains faithful to his favorite theme: a grudge after a breakup. In five minutes, well executed plays of light and choreographies follow accompany lyrics in which he accuses his ex-companion of having “lied and having gained nothing from her shenanigans.”

Not only did the song managed to break new records, it also has another interesting particularity. “Let Go” was shot while the singer is still under judicial control in France, waiting for a trial that will determine whether he is guilty of rape.

For the star’s lawyer, Eric Dupond-Moretti, Lamjarred’s judicial review “does not preclude him from continuing to make a living.” In a statement to Telquel, Moretti, with his usual curt and no nonsense attitude, stated that he has no comment to make on the matter: “If he was a butcher, baker, or mason, you would not be asking me this question.”

On social networks, the response was as immediate as the song’s hit. His diehard fans were ecstatic to see their beloved artist finally back again with his eccentric singles. Twitter was especially swarmed by colorful displays of affection, with his fans unable to contain their joy.

Between hardcore fans and not-so-impressed opponents, the debate was quite heated. The popstar was also at the end of merciless sarcastic jabs due to his ankle monitor.

The director of the video Alexandre Da Silva, who confided to Telquel that it is his first time working with an artist in such situation, said that “yes, the ankle monitor had to be concealed because we were not shooting a gangster clip. It was not difficult though, a pair of jeans did the trick.”

Da Silva explains that the crew was in fact constrained to specific shooting hours to accommodate Lamjarred’s temporary release conditions, but that it was not a major nuisance.

Since his temporary release last April, Lamjarred has spent his time in Paris in an apartment rented in the 15th arrondissement. Equipped with an electronic bracelet, all his movements are tracked, and he is still banned from leaving the French territory.

Lamjarred was indicted for “aggravated voluntary rape” and “aggravated assault” on October 2016. He is accused of sexually assaulting a French young woman at the Marriott Hotel in the Champs-Élysées. Since the news broke out, Moroccan social networks and media have continuously ignited with announcements of rumors about the star.

Still, no date of hearing before the judge has been announced. Meanwhile, his lawyer asked him to remain discreet and not to communicate with the media.

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