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Philosopher Edgar Morin: ‘Morocco Has Embraced Globalization While Preserving Its Traditions’

Rabat – French intellectual Edgar Morin has once again praised Morocco, a kingdom with which has had a friendly relation for over half a century.

During a tribute ceremony held in his honor by the Moroccan embassy in Paris, the philosopher said that Morocco has entered into the global economy without forsaking its tradition and culture, Moroccan press agency MAP reported.

For Morin, the kingdom has adopted values from outside while managing to keep its own values.

Morin expressed once more his admiration for Morocco, a country with which he said he is bound by friendships he made with people from different fields of culture, politics, arts, politics, and business.

The French sociologist announced that the Institut Edgar Morin will open up a branch in Morocco, focusing on Africa.

The renown writer praised Morocco’s policy of openness to the continent.

A prolific writer, Morin has since the 1950s authored books and essays on a variety of subjects that deal with the human condition, the future of humanity, and contemporary society.

He is one of the major cultural figures in France and one of the country’s writers known for their friendship with Morocco.

In a previous interview with Moroccan sociologist Sabah Abouessalam published in the French publication Hermès, Morin revealed that his relation with the kingdom began shortly after the country’s independence in the 1950s.

“Since then, I came back more often to give lectures, participate in intellectual activity or benefit from the human hospitality of Moroccans,” he said.

In 2014 he praised King Mohammed VI, saying that due to his status as “Commander of the Faithful,” he acts as a “rampart against religious fanaticism.”
In the same year, he was decorated by the monarch with the Royal Medal of Intellectual Merit.


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