Home Economy 52,000 Moroccan Women Benefit from Income Generating Projects in 2017

52,000 Moroccan Women Benefit from Income Generating Projects in 2017

52,000 Moroccan Women Benefit from Income Generating Projects in 2017

Rabat – The National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) revealed on Women’s Day on Thursday, that a total of 4.2 million women have participated in INDH income-generating projects in 2017.

The INDH released that MAD 1.9 billion was spent on more than 6,800 income-generating projects for the benefit of more than 52,000 women.

These projects concern several activities, in particular, livestock breeding, handicrafts, rural tourism, and promotion of local products.

The INDH also created 44,000 projects, affecting 10.3 million beneficiaries, 50 percent of whom were in rural areas.

More than 86,000 women benefited from about 980 projects on self-employment in apprenticeship training spaces and vocational training centers, which aimed to develop women’s qualifications in the hotel and catering sectors.

In terms of the fight against school dropouts, some 8,400 projects are being carried out, mainly related to the construction and equipment of the student’s homes , of which more than 600 campuses are being set up for the benefit of 50,000 girls.

The INDH has also worked on the construction of several schools and providing school transport in rural areas. These achievements have made it possible to improve the schooling conditions of girls from disadvantaged backgrounds, as 70 percent of students from Dar Taliba, a girls’ educational campus, obtained their Baccalaureate in the 2016-2017 school year.

The reduction of maternal and infant mortality and the strengthening of health infrastructures are other priorities for INDH, which as constructed and equipped more than 240 delivery facilities,in addition to ambulances and mobile medical units.

These numbers are different than the initial numbers. Should the first sentence be “since 2017.” Let’s specify the time frame.

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