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Video of Teacher Assaulting School Girl in Class Sparks Outrage

Minister of Education Amzazi Condemns Teacher’s Violence Against School Girl

By Eddahmani Abdeselam

Rabat – A video showing a young girl being beaten in class by her older male teacher shocked the Moroccan public, after it circulated widely on social media on May 19.

The judicial police team in the city of Khouribga–a city 123 kilometers southeast of Casablanca—opened a judicial investigation under the supervision of the public prosecutor of the 59-year-old professor who appeared in the video.

In the disturbing video, the professor hits the girl several times in the face and head and curses at her during class, in front of all her classmates.

The security services quickly responded to the published tape, and the educational institution was notified. The identity of the concerned professor was revealed and he was turned over to authorities, where he has remained in custody as the investigation continues.

The incident raises serious questions about Moroccan education, the role of the minister of education, and the moral boundaries of Moroccan society in general.

Prior to the publication of the video, the judicial police had not received any other complaints about the incident, which occurred on Wednesday, May 16.

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