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Minister Khalfi Presents ‘Moroccanness of Sahara, Reality and Illusions’ in Tarfaya

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Rabat – Mustafa El Khalfi, Communications Minister, presented the book entitled, “Moroccan Sahara, Realities and Illusions” on Saturday in Tarfaya.

This book, which was presented in the first edition of the International Forum, “Between Two Rivers,” is a “guide for advocacy for the national cause, as it refutes the allegations of separatist discourse, hostile to Morocco’s territorial integrity, by means of historical, legal and practical argument,” the minister said in a press statement, noting the presentation of the book stems from the historical symbolism of Tarfaya.

The book, an addition to the “Cahiers du Sahara” series, carried by the Ministry including books and basic references, and presenting more than 100 arguments to refute 11 claims propagated by the separatists. The most commonly used allegation is that “the Sahara is the subject of decolonization while, in fact, the territory was liberated in 1975.  The second, being the Sahara is not Moroccan, while international conventions (over a dozen) dated back from pre-colonial times and the ties of allegiance refute these arguments, said El Khalfi.

The publication also focuses on other matters for digital advocacy, “which will bring added value to the efforts made to defend the territorial integrity of the Kingdom,” he added.

The minister also stated that the Forum of Tarfaya is a cultural and scientific space that contributes to the growth of this city as a space for interaction between cultures and the appreciation of its role in preserving Morocco’s territorial integrity.

Through this forum, which opened Saturday in the presence of Jamal Rais, Tarfaya’s governor, as well as Moroccan and Spanish teachers and researchers, the organizers aspire to engage and strengthen academic reflection, consolidating collaboration between government institutions, civil society, academic institutions and scientific research centers.

The event also aims to create a constructive dialogue around citizenship, cultural diversity, and development of communications mechanisms for economic, social and cultural cooperation between Spain and Morocco.   The event also works to lastly, reconcile points of view and exchange experiences.

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