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China’s Ambassador Hails Morocco as a Paragon of Dynamism of China-Africa Cooperation

Rabat – China’s Ambassador to Morocco Sun Shuzhong has hailed Morocco as a “paragon of dynamism of China-Africa cooperation.”

During opening day of the first Joint International Conference on Afro-Asian Cooperation, held Monday at the Mohammed VI University in Rabat, Chinese Ambassador Sun Shuzhong said, “Morocco is a pivotal and effective country regarding the trilateral cooperation between the African, Asian and European continents by virtue of its geographical and economic components, which present a good example of the dynamism of China-Africa cooperation.”

Thanks to “Morocco’s geographical location and its solid economic base, Morocco has successfully progressed in the economic field in the recent years,” the ambassador added.

In maintaining China-Africa cooperation, the ambassador noted, “As China is one of the biggest developed countries and the world’s second largest economy, it is determined to lend a helping hand to the developing countries.”

Seeking to contextualize China’s commitment to Africa, the ambassador reiterated the various important phases of the country’s comprehensive strategic partnership with Africa, revealing that “China will subsidize 10 major cooperative programs in Africa with 60 billion dollars.”

 “243 agreements have been signed to date, estimating at 50.7 billion dollars,” noting that “91% of the agreements are foreign investments and commercial loans for Africa,” Sun Szhuzhong continued.

“I believe that China and other developing countries will promote this cooperation in many fields, including production, manufacturing, and connectivity,” the ambassador said, adding that “during the visit of King Mohammed VI to China last May, Morocco and China has jointly worked to develop Morocco-China strategic partnership.”

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