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Moroccan Salafist Defies Burqa Ban by Giving it Away For Free

Rabat – Amid the growing controversy over the decision by the Ministry of Interior to prohibit the sale and production of burqa in Morocco, Moroccan Salafist Sheikh Abdelhamid Abounaim, has gone public saying he will defy the ban. “I give away the burqa for free at my house or rent a shop to sell them,” he said.

In a live video posted on his official Facebook page, Abounaim appears angry with the ministry’s decision and shows his determination and willingness to turn his  house “into a shop of burqas to cover the Muslims.”

Taking a harsh tone, Abounaim makes it clear that he is not frightened by the consequences of his defiance because the burqa ban was put into effect by officials he labels as “heretics.” He went on to add that the only human worthy of his reverence is the “Sultan” of Morocco in reference to King Mohammed VI.

“According to the law, the Sultan is the only one who [deserves] sanctity and obedience. The others are traitors and criminals. They have corrupted the country and the people,” Abounaim added.

To emphasize the seriousness with which he views this issue, the Sheikh cites a famous quotation from medieval theologian Ibn Taymyyia;

“To imprison me is to provide me with seclusion. To send me into exile is to send me away in the Path of Allah. And to kill me is to make me a martyr.”

Abounaim postulates that, while scientists argue over whether the wearing of the burqa is obligatory or voluntary and others relegate it to the status of fad, its legitimacy remains intact.

Abounaim ends his observations by declaring that, “the decision is an illuminati plan,” and he calls on producers and sellers of the burqa “not to comply with the orders of the ministry.”

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