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Moroccan Court Sentences 26 People to Prison Terms of Up to 7 Years on Terrorism Charges

Salé – The criminal chamber in charge of terrorism affairs at the annex of Salé’s appellate court on Thursday handed down sentences ranging from 2 to 7 years imprisonment against twenty-seven people sued in separate terrorism-related cases.

In the first case involving fourteen people, the main defendant was sentenced to seven years in prison, while another received a six-year jail sentence and the remaining twelve people got four-year jail sentences.

The culprits were sued for “forming a gang to commit terrorist attacks within the framework of a collective plot to seriously undermine public order, and praising terrorist acts.”

In another case involving seven people, the court handed a six-year verdict against the main defendant, a five-year sentence against four defendants and three and four-year sentences to two defendants for “forming a gang to commit terrorist attacks, praising terrorist acts and failing to report a terrorist crime.”

Regarding the four other cases involving four people, the court handed sentences ranging from two to five years. A minor was sentenced to two years in jail, including a one-year suspended sentence, for praising terrorist acts.

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