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NRJ Radio to be Launched in Morocco

NRJ Radio to be Launched in Morocco

By Safaa Kasraoui

Rabat – Satellite radio NRJ will be soon launched in Casablanca on March 25 via the internet and a mobile application.

Morocco will be the first African country and the second Arab location to adopt this digital radio outlet. NRJ radio stations are operational in Russia, Canada and many other European countries including Norway, Sweden, France, Finland and Belgium.

“NRJ will offer its listeners an unprecedented musical program, bringing together all their favorite hits entertainment programs,” said the NRj group during a press conference.

According to the same source ”NRJ radio aims to provide Moroccan listeners with a fresh and diversified and unique musical and entertainment programs.” CEO of NRJ group, Richard Mazeret stated that “NRJ radio is considered one of the most powerful media and entrainment provider internationally.” He went on to say that NRJ Morocco project is the result of a successful association with Radio Planète, which is in turn a part of the DNA of the NRJ group.

“The strategic partnership with radio Planète is part of the ambitious plan to develop NRJ group on the African continent,” Mazeret added.

In response to this, founder of radio Planète, Hakim Chargaoui expressed his gratitude for this partnership saying that, “radio Planète is proud of the trust placed in them.” Chargaoui then added that “NRJ is a global media group of youth par excellence whose uses of media consumption has profoundly changed.” He also noted thatall of the studies they have carried out show that Morocco is a market with great potential for the development of the NRJ group in different segments, namely radio, events and entertainment.”

The launch celebration will take place March 25 in Casablanca. International and Moroccan celebrities will take participate in the event.

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