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Actor Will Smith Visits Moroccan Artists’ Residence

Will Smith in Morocco

Rabat –  Famous American actor, Will Smith, paid a visit to the artists’ residence, Al Maqam, on Thursday. Located in the village of Tahanaout, approximately 30 kilometres outside of Marrakech, Smith was joined by a staff of six for his tour.

 Initially intended to be a two-hour long visit, Smith and his entourage were so captivated the visit stretched to five hours. When offered brushes and a canvas, Smith didn’t hesitate to try his creative hand. Under the watchful eye of a group of Moroccan artists and painters, Smith was only to eager to show off his talent, already honed for his role as a painter in the film, “The Redemption of Cain.”

Will Smith eating Moroccan Tagine

It was clear the actor enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of Al Maqam, whose reputation as a tourist attraction is growing. Famed artists Mahi Binebine arrived at the residence five years ago to paint large studio panels. Other artists arrived and took up residence in the complex which is comprised of a residential area, paint shops, a gallery and a conference room.

Will Smith

It was clear from the smile on Smith’s face that he enjoyed his afternoon in this artistic haven. No doubt his visit will add to Al Maqam’s attraction for an ever-widening array of tourists.

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