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Creative One-Minute Video Pays Tribute to Moroccan Women

Rabat – On International Women’s Day, Jawjab, Moroccan incubator of talents and web content released a video portraying 100 years of Moroccan female beauty and modernity.

To mark the 40 annual celebration of the women’s day, which is annually taken place on March 8, Jawjab aims to pay a tribute to the Moroccan women and their struggle and sacrifices for equality.

“We want to remind people how the Moroccan woman was free and modern in the past – we miss the freedom that the women strongly expressed,” said Younes Lazrak, Jawjab Manager.

Lazrak went on to add that the one-minute video is designed to salute all women, as well as their rights, freedom and the openness they have expressed for 100 years.   

The goal of the video, which portrays the diverse beauty of Moroccan women and their historic modernity since 1915, is to demonstrate the courage of Moroccan women in order to display their beauty throughout history, according to Lazrak.

The video also aims to transmit a message to the viewers that “women’s freedom has existed for a long time,” Lazrak said. “Nowadays, women’s freedom has decreased.”

“There is something interesting I want to point out – women nowadays have been regaining the possession of their body,” Lazrak stated. “Whatever the woman wants to do with her body is considered her own business – the rest of the world has no eligibility to poke into her own business.”

Jawjab, created in June 2016, aims to support youth in the region that have the passion for e-videos, and offers them the technical equipment and trainings to produce quality videos.

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