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Africa Diabetes Launches Marketing Campaign for Medtronic’s Innovation in Morocco

Over 2 Million Moroccans Aged 25 and Older Are Diabetic

By Safaa Kasraoui

RabatAfrica Diabetes company has launched their initiative to commercialize the insulin pump, “MiniMed,” in Morocco, with the aim of serving the interests of its patients with diabetes.

Africa Diabetes is a company which specializes in innovative diabetes solutions. Now they are providing clients with the opportunity to benefit from the latest innovative solutions for living and coping with the constraints related to the management of this chronic disease.

The deployment of this innovative technology has required closer monitoring by the health expertise of two strategic partners, namely Eramedic and the Medtronic teams operating in North Africa and the Middle East.

Right now, two ranges of insulin pumps are available in Morocco, namely MiniMed 640g and the MiniMed Paradigm Veo.

Minimed 640g imitates the insulin secretion of the pancreas, as part of the Minimed system. It gives its user glycemic control by providing them with enhanced protection against hypoglycemia (a reduction in plasma glucose to a point that may induce symptoms).

The MiniMed Veo insulin pump is equipped with a continuous glucose monitoring system and a temporary shutdown function in case of hypoglycemia.

Africa Diabetes also features I-port advance technology available to type 1 diabetics, children and adults, who are sensitive about insulin injections or who suffer from an anxiety related to injections.

The company has also made another Medtronic product, namely IPRO2 available. This is a solution for glucose measurement designed for use by professional healthcare ecosystems, including endocrinologists, diabetologists and clinics.

Africa Diabetes has a wide range of innovative products that cover the daily needs of diabetics through its e-commerce platform, Africa-diabetes.

Their logistical plan focuses on delivering its products throughout Morocco based on the international platform, Aramex, which allows digital users to track their orders online.

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