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Moroccan Automotive Industry Attracting Investors Worldwide

Automotive Sector: Morocco Aims to be Continental Leader

Rabat – Boosted by the Industrial Acceleration Plan (PAI), the automotive industry dynamics continue to attract the highest sector’s investors worldwide. As a result, several renowned OEMs have established themselves in Morocco.

Due to the good health of the sector, clearly boosted by the Industrial Acceleration Plan (PAI), Morocco continues to attract the biggest caliber of the automotive industry worldwide, reaping the rewards of a well-managed strategy carefully crafted over several years.

The sector is now well-positioned in the world of equipment manufacturers and renowned multinationals. Around 60 factories and projects were initiated in 2016, with some are already operational and others still under construction.

Added to this are the capacity expansion projects and other greenfields, which will soon be joined by the two French manufacturers Renault and PSA.

The automotive sector is also experiencing a gradual rise in the range of local companies, attracting Moroccan investors, with local manufacturers, especially in the textile sector, launching themselves into the production of seat caps and other small parts automotive products.

For them, the challenge now is to consolidate what has been achieved and capture new investments, and Morocco must not only to provide the builders installed in the kingdom, but above all to develop local integration.

Further, it must capitalize on the sector’s achievements in its strategy puts to create a favorable environment for major industrialists, around which is grafted a dense fabric of subcontractors to foster mutual growth and technological collaboration.

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