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Wydad vs. Raja: a Game for the Ages

Wydad vs. Raja: a Game for the Ages

Rabat – Morocco’s two most famous football teams will meet on Sunday for a new clash. Wydad Athletic Club (WAC) and Raja Club Athletic (RCA) are both thirsting for victory as the upcoming game will be crucial to win the Moroccan league.

Six games away from the end of the season, the run for the Moroccan Football League title is tight. At the heart of the race are the kingdom’s two biggest clubs, Wydad and Raja.

More than just Casablanca’s two football poles, Wydad and Raja have the biggest fan base all of all clubs in the kingdom. When the two clash, twice every season and occasionally in the Throne Cup, it is a national sports event.

The rivalry between Wydad and Raja dates back decades, and winning the derby games is often seen by fans as more important than being crowned league champions. On Sunday’s game, however, the two Casablanca giants will be looking to kill two birds with one stone – to defeat one’s oldest foe and win three needed points towards reaching the title.

Wydad is leading the Moroccan Football League table with 51 points. Raja comes second with 46 points, tying with Diffaa Hassani D’El Jadida (DHJ).

Winning another three points will be a huge step for Wydad to snatch the championship away from its main rival, but even a draw will help. For Raja on the other hand, a victory is imperative to preserve its chances of winning the title.

The upcoming clash is certainly not to be missed. History has proven that anything can happen during the Casablanca Derby games. While some have been disappointingly boring, others remain vivid in fans’ minds for years.

No matter what, the two squads have every interest in making Sunday’s game one to remember.

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