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1 in 4 Moroccans Lacks Access to Health Care

1 in 4 Moroccans Lacks Access to Health Care

RabatThe World Bank 2017 Economic Memorandum has unveiled that more than 25 percent of Moroccans do not have access to medical care, exposing the inefficiency of insurance plans.

The World Bank painted a bleak picture of the healthcare in Morocco in the current year’s Economic Memorandum. The report shed light on the system’s inadequacy, including small number of medical doctors in comparison with the population and the ineffectiveness of health insurance plans.

The Economic Memorandum underlined that around 25 percent of Moroccans (8.5 million) do not have access to medical care. Added to this, it revealed that there are 6.2 doctors for every 10,000 inhabitants, in contrast to Algeria and Tunisia, which have double that amount for the same number of inhabitants.

Also, while the global average number of beds in mental healthcare institutions amounts to 4.4 for every 10,000 inhabitants, the report stated that Morocco provides only one bed for that number.

The Economic Memorandum also spotlighted the insufficiency and dysfunction of  insurance plans in Morocco. Only 60 percent of Moroccans are covered by the Compulsory Health Insurance (AMO) and Medical Assistance Plan(RAMED) initiatives. This is not enough, according to the World Bank, which noted a lack of coverage for informal sector and self-employed workers.

The report also pointed out problems related to poor human resource management, absenteeism and corruption.

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