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Austria Bans Burqa and Distribution of Quran

Rabat The wave of Anti-Muslim rhetoric has swept across the borders and into Austria. The country has not only passed a bill that bans the burqa, but also imposed a fine of USD 166 on women found wearing the full-face garment in Austrian public spaces, starting this October.

Approved by the country’s two leading parties, the law was passed by the Austrian Parliament on Tuesday.

Austria’s “fight” against the far-right, anti-Islam Freedom Party, suggested and implemented a package of Anti-Muslim “goods” including the ban of the Burqa, the fine for wearing the burqa, prohibition of the distribution of the Quran and a requirement stipulating that members of the Muslim immigrant community enroll in German classes and learn about Austrian ethics.

As part of preparing asylum seekers for life in Austria, the country also “encourages” immigrants to partake in unpaid charity work.

If any of those measures are not adhered to, the government will cut the “offender’s” welfare benefits.

Secretary of State, Muna Duzdar, explained that these measures are necessary to give immigrants “a chance to integrate,” reported Austrian media.

This is not the first time the country has taken action targeted at its Muslim population. Home to approximately 600,000 Muslims, Austria passed a bill in 2015 compelling imams to be fluent in German.

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