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More Than 80,000 Children Working in Morocco

Morocco Ranks 29 in Global Modern Slavery Index
Photo Credit: Odile Meylan

Rabat – At least 80,000 children are working in Moroccan homes, and the vast majority are aged under 15, the Insaf Association has revealed.

The non-profit organization reported that the children arrive at slavery work from poor and illiterate backgrounds.

Article 143 of the 2004 Code of Work states that it is illegal for a child under the age of 15 to work.

During a press conference on June 12, World Day Against Child Labour, Insaf’s president Bouchra Ghiati said, “the situation needs a lot of will to stop child exploitation. Exploitation deprives the children of the chance to take advantage of the school system, to play and make friends.”

Insaf Association said it has saved around 300 girls from domestic work and put them in school.

The number of children currently working in Morocco is a sharp decrease from 1990, when the High Commission of Planning reported that 517,000 children were working.

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