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11 Cinemas to be Remodeled and Renovated in Morocco

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Rabat – The Commission for Modernization and Renovation of Moroccan Cinemas has given financial aid for the renovation of 11 cinemas across the kingdom, aiming to improve the country’s theater-going experience. 

The cinemas set to benefit from the Commission’s renovation projects include Avenida and Espagnol (Tetouan), Roxy (Tangier), Colisee and Paradise (Rabat) and Lutetia (Casablanca).

The renovation projects were agreed upon during a meeting held at the Moroccan Cinematographic Center (MCC) on July 6 in the presence of commission president Mohamed Sabiri.

Movie theaters renovation projects in Morocco have become the focus of several national and international entrepreneurs.

In June, the French CEO of CineAtlas Holding in Morocco, Pierre-François Bernet, allocated MAD ten million to renovate Le Colisee in Rabat.

Bernet told Morocco World News that movie theaters are part of Morocco’s heritage and the cinema in Rabat “deserves to become one of the best cinematic destinations.”

“We will transform it into a multiplex with a 3D theater, 4K projectors, and premium theater chairs to ensure its comfort level.”

The entrepreneur also noted that Morocco is a country “on the lookout for opportunities to seize” and “has business in the blood.”

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