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Video: Parents in Fes Neighborhood Protest Against ‘Rapist Gang’

Rabat – A video posted on YouTube August 18 shows a group of angry parents taking to the streets in Fes’ Zawaaga neighborhood to protest against a criminal gang raiding their homes and trying to rape their daughters.

According to the poster of the video, a gang in Fes made raids of the houses in the popular district of Zawaaga in search for “female preys” to rape and assault.

In the video, woman dressed in her nightgown walks furiously in the street, yelling at the top of her lungs, “Our neighborhood is lost.”

Another man, caught on camera in a state of distress and anger, explained that “the gang is taking control of everything in the district. They broke into our houses and tried to rape our daughters.”

Social media users have expressed outrage over the incident. For some, the answer to the growing crime rate in Fes is the involvement of the military.

“In some cities, the safety of citizens can no longer be controlled by police forces only. The answer lies in subjugating these cities threatened by criminals to the military authorities and military interventions to stop the criminals,” said a commenter on the Youtube video page.

The Directorate General of National Security issued a statement saying that on July 31, a woman filed a complaint about the attack of her house and the assault of her nephew by a gang in Zawaaga neighborhood in Fez.

The Directorate said that the security services immediately launched a series of investigations that enabled the identification and arrest of the main suspect, but their findings did not agree with the initial accusation.

“The issue is a dispute between the two parties, which led into an exchange of violence between them, in which the security services intervened effectively to arrest the suspects, without finding any proof that the gang tried to rape the women in the house,” said the DGSN.

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