Home Education Social Media Campaign Seeks to End ‘Expiration’ of Moroccan Baccalaureate Degree

Social Media Campaign Seeks to End ‘Expiration’ of Moroccan Baccalaureate Degree

Social Media Campaign Seeks to End ‘Expiration’ of Moroccan Baccalaureate Degrees

Rabat – Moroccan activists have launched a social media campaign calling the government to end regulations that prevent holders of old baccalaureate diploma from being able to enroll in the kingdom’s universities.

Using the hashtag #Man_Haki_Nakra, the campaign has been led by Mahmoud Ababou, journalist and social media activist. Translated as “I have the right to study,” the initiative aims to ensure access to education for all citizens who have obtained their baccalaureate degrees at any time.

The majority of Moroccan universities refuse to enroll people who hold baccalaureate diplomas issued more than two years beforehand.

Numerous citizens have taken to social networks showing solidarity and support for the initiative.

On September 29, Ababou posted a comedic video on his Facebook account presenting the campaign.

The footage shows Ababou drinking from a juice box. After taking a sip, someone asks him, “What are you doing dude” Ababou responds, “I am drinking this thing before its expiration date.” The other person then asks him what he is drinking.

Ababou answers him sarcastically “This? This is baccalaureate. It is fat-free. Be careful of imitation, because we are the only country that produces a baccalaureate with an expiry date.”

In 2015, Lahssan Louardi, the former Minister of Education, said that the baccalaureate regulation had put in place due to overcrowding and a lack of university professors. He explained that universities themselves determine the number of students who can enroll based on their capacities.

However, Ababou rejected this explanation, telling Morocco World News that citizens are not responsible for the overcrowding. “We want to pursue our education. This is the only thing that matters now and the government should find a solution. We need a solution.”

He continued that “as they are able to construct prisons, they are able to build universities. This is how they can curb overcrowding. Build more universities in order to curb overcrowding issues.”

“We have not asked to be employed, and we have not asked to get a certain promotion. The only thing we are asking is to pursue our studies. I am asking everyone to support and show solidarity with this initiative,” explained Abbabou.

“This is not a personal battle. This has become everyone’s battle now, everyone is concerned.”

Fatimazzahra Barassate, a member of the Progressive Socialist Party, has submitted a letter to the Secretary of State in charge of higher education bring up the issue of “expired” baccalaureates.

Barassate said in the letter that “depriving citizens of the right to education violates their rights and the principle of equal opportunities and equal access to education, which is guaranteed by the 2011 Constitution.” She said that the constitution ensures that “the right to education should be given to all citizens who obtained their baccalaureate degree regardless of its date of issue.”

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