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Saudi Women Enter Stadium for First Time to Celebrate ‘National Day’

Saudi Arabian Women Enter Stadium for First Time to Celebrate ‘National Day’

By Hajar Elkahlaoui

Rabat – Saudi Arabia allowed women into a stadium for the first time in the country’s history, to attend a show organized for the kingdom’s 87th national holiday.

On Saturday, September 24, hundreds of women tookt heir seats in King Fahd stadium in Riyadh, for the national holiday of the kingdom celebrated with concerts and fireworks.

Until the holiday, Saudi women had not been admitted in stadiums due to the kingdom’s rule of separation between the genders in public places. But with its recent plan for social reforms, Riyadh seems inclined to soften certain limitations weighing on the women of the kingdom, trying carefully to promote forms of entertainment in spite of the opposition of more conservative forces.

Saudi Arabia has just issued aroyal decree allowing women to drive for the first time in the history of the kingdom. But in the eyes of many, the kingdom still has much progress to make, as Saudi women require the supervision of men of their families, generally the father, the husband, or the brother, in order to study or travel.

To celebrate the 87th National Day, the symbolic buildings of the capital were illuminated with the national color, green, while a myriad of concerts and fireworks shows were scheduled. In the streets of Riyadh, loud-speakers vibrated with the sound of patriotic songs as motorists paraded by raising the national flag.

“In this big occasion, we feel that the kingdom became a State mattering with pioneer’s role both for the level regional and international,” said the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman during a speech.


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