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Mahi Binebine’s “Le Fou du Roi” Makes Prix Renaudot Finals, Leila Slimani’s “Sexe et Mensonges” Voted Out

Mahi Binebine's

Rabat – Novelist Mahi Binebine’s “Le Fou du Roi” has made it to the finals of the Prix Renaudot, France’s esteemed literary award.

Le Fou du Roi novel by Mahi Binebine

Binebine is now the only Moroccan writer competing for the prize, after Leila Slimani’s essay “Sexe et Mensonges” was eliminated in the second round.

The second round of the Renaudot Prize ended with nine novels and four essays competing for the final list, announced the jury of the prize, Jean Giono on October 3 .

The remaining novels are “Nos richesses” by Kaouther Adimi, “Le Fou du roi” by Mahi Binebine, “La Disparition” by Josef Mengele d’Olivier Guez, “La Serpe” by Philippe Jaenada, “Fief” by David Lopez, “Le Songe du photographe” by Patricia Reznikov, “Mécaniques du chaos” by Daniel Rondeau, “Nos années rouges” by Anne Sophie Stefanini and “Les Vacances” by Julie Wolkenstein.

The selected essays for the final round are “l’Ardeur” by Justine Augier, “Dieu, Allah, moi et les autres” by Salim Bachi, “Mes pas vont ailleurs” by Jean-Luc Coatalem, abd “La Nostalgie de l’honneur” by Jean René Van der Plaetsen.

Binebine’s “Fou du Roi” is inspired by his father’s life as a talented storyteller who entertained the late Moroccan King Hassan II until his death in 1999.

The novel recounts how Binebine’s father was loyal to the king and had rejected his son, Aziz, a soldier who participated in the 1971 coup attempt and was imprisoned in Morocco’s most brutal prison, Tazmamart.

The third and final selection will be unveiled on October 31. The ceremony will take place on November 6, in parallel with the Prix Goncourt.

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