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Syrian Forces Retake Raqqa from ISIS, Surrounding 300 Fighters Including Moroccans

38 percent of Moroccans Who Joined ISIS Are Women

Rabat – As ISIS jihadists have been defeated in their self-declared capital Raqqa, about 90 combatants of Moroccan origin are among 300 combatants surrounded in the city, announced the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

ISIS lost the city to a United States-backed alliance of Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighters, which said that it has taken “full control” of Raqqa.

The fight to retrieve the city began five months ago, said the SDF’s spokesman Talal Sello. He announced to CNN that to date that “the situation in Raqqa is under control and soon there will be an official statement declaring the liberation of the city.”

Nearly 300 foreign fighters, including between 70 and 90 Moroccan fighters, are currently surrounded by the SDF in a stadium and a hospital in the center of Raqqa, reported Moroccan daily Al Ahdath on October 17.BBC reported that 22 foreign militants were allegedly killed in the final attack on the hospital.

Among the terrorists is a Moroccan fighter known as “Abu Abdelouadoud,”“one of the most dangerous lieutenants of Daech,” said the daily.

Abdelilah Himich, or “Abdel the Legionnaire” a fighter of French-Moroccan origin suspected of being the sponsor of the attacks in Paris and Brussels, is also among the trapped ISIS fighters.

Dozens of other ISIS foreign fighters from Tunisian, Yemeni and Saudi nationalities are surrounded and unable to leave Raqqa.

ISIS took control over Raqqa early 2014 and used it as the headquarters of itsself-proclaimed “caliphate,” making it a site of beheadings, crucifixions and torture of the city’s residents who opposed ISIS.

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